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What's New For 2013? Coffee Shack!

With the success and demand for coffee farm stays at both our Guest Residence (Click Here) and Farm Home (Click Here) we are building the Coffee Shack, another place you can stay here on the farm! Details to follow as soon as construction starts Larger image!  

What's New? Ward Center Farmers Market!

We are now selling our coffee at the Ward Center Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8:00AM til noon (Click Here). Stop by and say Hi.
The market is currently at Ala Moana Center but is moving to Ward center starting October 5th to better serve the constantly increasing crowd size!


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AL's stand for Albert and Linda's. We wish we had an elaborate tale to tell you about us, but quite simply, we're just really a couple who moved to the Big Island with the dream of doing something we love every day. After vacationing here many times and enjoying the diversity and outdoor activities, we decided to take the plunge and purchased our coffee farm in Holualoa, Hawaii in March of 2007. Our goal in life now is to produce the best coffee possible. We consider our task equal to those producing Bordeaux or Napa Valley wines in that it's our duty to express the best our fruit has to offer.

Label Contest

Award winning!  Larger Image!
During the 2007 annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival we entered our newly designed label, based on a watercolor painted by our own Dianne' Holt...the result.....we won 3rd place out of 200 entries! Here's our official entry. We especially are proud of it's depiction of the coffee trees in their 3 typical states: dormant, flowering and full of cherry.


Holualoa is an eclectic village with a significant past in Hawaiian culture. More recently, in the last 100 years, it has been the cradle of the best coffee in the world as the unofficial capital of the Kona Coffee Region. At 1300 foot elevation this place delicately balances the forces of nature between sunshine, clouds, rain, temperature and soil to create perfect Arabica coffee.
AL's style

AL's Roast

AL's Roast is a special roast applied to a batch of beans based on what best expresses the coffee within. We base our decision on the density of the beans as well as the age and moisture content. The roast is somewhere between Medium and French. Roasting styles in this range include: Medium, Heavy, City, Full City and French and all levels in between!