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Kona Coffee...you've made the perfect choice, coffee lovers, by picking AL's 100% Kona coffee. You will journey into the unmistakable rich flavor that can only be found along the 20-mile stretch known around the world as the Kona District, with a history of world-class coffee.

AL's 100% Kona coffee promises the Aloha spirit from tree to bean to you, while keeping the name of Kona coffee sacred. You'll make no mistake when savoring a cup of AL's 100% Kona coffee as there are no blends of beans from outside the Kona District or mixtures of lower grades of coffee.

Our estate encompasses 17 acres of coffee trees, some over 75 years old, which lie along the slopes of Hualalai volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Production has not changed much since a century ago, as most farm duties are still completed by hand or nature. AL's 100% Kona coffee beans are carefully hand-picked throughtout the season and only chosen at the height of maturity. Our 100% Kona beans are wet processed and dried slowly, directly in the Hawaiian sunshine. These are significant factors in producing the subtle, delicate flavors of this one-of-a-kind coffee.

After seven days of basking in the sun, AL's 100% Kona coffee beans are gingerly inspected by hand, then placed into 80 pound GrainPro bags where they sit for a minimum of 3 months to insure perfectly even moisture and density among the beans. After you place your order, these beans are roasted to perfection. This is where the aroma and flavors begin their own chemistry resulting in tantalizing yields of medium or dark roasted tastes. Immediately after cooling, the beans are packaged, sealed and shipped to you. AL's 100% Kona coffee guarantees a hand-held experience from tree to bean to you.

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